Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thank You!!

Thank You guys so much for praying!! Cause now he's okay and awake and well! Do you know the first thing he said when he woke up "Shannon didn't listen to me" and "I can't handle this" haha i didn't care what he said about me I was just so relieved he was better. And this is why he got into the hospital Okay so my brother Tyler is handicap and has Cerebral Palsy he got it when he was a baby a little after he was born still nobody knows what happened Cerebral Palsy means that some of his cells in his brain are dead or don't work properly. So he can't do the same stuff we can he's just a little slower like some of him thinks like a seven year old. But he also has seizures sometimes and this one was really long and he had to be intervened and now he has wires on his head seeing if he's having more seizures or what medicine they can use. He's now be tested for all kinds of medicine so he's tired and wants to go home. But he's great and my brother so thank you so much for praying cause he's coming out soon i think he'll leave tomorrow hopefully. And then the other night my mom had to be emitted because he was so stressed and her blood pressure or whatever was way off so then my brother calls my mom "hey does your hospital have ice cream" haha now i knew he was back to normal.
but my moms fine by the way :)

Thanks so much to Jen,Abby,Talia,Jade, and everyone else :)


Monday, August 2, 2010


This is from last weekend, just wanted to share. Sorry about the typos and incorrect grammar.

Does everyone like my new changes to the blog?? Today I went to my 2nd cousin,(Jack) 1 year old's birthday party. So since it was his first birthday they went all out. The cake was beautiful and delicious.(Sorry I forgot to take a picture,I'll just describe it.) The cake had like a design of a zoo in the middle and said happy birthday Jack and on the border and sides it was brown zebra stripes over blue it looked adorable and they had candy and bags that you can fill up. Well ofor it to sopin around overall it was pretty good. At the beginning it was boring because nobody really talked to us so it was kinda awkward/boring.But in like the middle when me and my sister was playing a game where there is 2 balls at the end of each side of a string or rope thing,and you try to throw it onto like a bar. And then a little cute 3 year old named Cameron came to play and of course he came closer than we would have since hes 3 but everytime he missed he goes almost or that was close or urg. It was so close then he wold say you try so he did and when my sister got it on the bar she said oh my gosh i got it on and jump up and down so then after he did the same thing and jump when he got it. And then it started raining and so i said c'mon its raining we have to go inside and they till had the cake outside blowing the candles and i said hurry they're doing cake and then Cameron goes and says c'mon hurry up we'll mss the cake and then he runs to his dad its raining daddy lets go inside and have cake.
I'm sorry I just had to tell that story I thought it was soo cute!

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