Saturday, July 31, 2010

Add this to your Dictionary!

Okay sorry for the short post first of all. Second of all I would like to tell you about a word my sister and my friends made up the other day, since everyone knows nothing rhymes with orange my sister made up the word borange. So send the word around Our goal is to get it in the dictionary in at least 10 years.
borange- adjective; means strange
e.g. Cindy,look at that borange tree.

Okay thirdly I read your comments they are soo.. nice. They make my day a lot better.Not kidding you should see my smile its huge.haha
And I'll answer your question
from Abby I live in Massachusetts but i go to a Catholic school that might be why i get so much homework.

Soo what are some words you want to make up, use in real life,and eventually hopefully[fingers crossed] get into the dictionary? or quetions for moi? comment below :]

~Shannon :]

Friday, July 30, 2010


Ugh!! I literally can't sleep! When i go to sleep at night i have to blink out all the thooughts from my future because my future starts next year and its like a month away! I go into eighth grade next year and im soo like frustrated/tired/anxious/scared im not 100 % sure why because i've known everyone since kindergarten but im scared of the high school placement tests and of or if i still have friends i think i do but just not sure who. I think i either want to go to the best catholic  school which is an all-girls school where i could get into harvard!! or Yale! or even princeton! or i'd go to the best public high school which i could take all the classes until i choose one. I just wish you could major in everything and get your everything in teaching,cooking,and medical so you could legally do all of them!

Okay besides the depressing stuff! Well im reading HP the goblet of fire my fav movie so far and its incredible and i made a playlist on and decided i love the song its kinda old Dirty Little Secrets by All-American Rejects and I love love love Godiva chocolate its delicious i had a dark chocolate decadence shake or something the other day it was the best breakfast/lunch/dinner ever!

heres 5 things you may or may not yet know about me.
1st I'm a triplet and a middle child
2nd i'm a chocoholic (chocolate lover)
3rd love an adventure
4th will try any type of sport
5th hate hate seafood and like strawberry lollipops

What do love or hate? comment your answer below.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Homework in the Summer?? And.. Pics!!

My school assigns homeworkin the summer so we don't forget. I get it and all but i have at least a 60 page math book, 3 books with book reports I love those but i have required soo some of the books arent that great, and then we have spanish 3 passages and questions all in Spanish! Urg!! And of course I can't focus cause I really want to finish the Harry Potter series!!!
Well other news is that my cousin might come up  from Florida I'm so excited shes 16 and loves to read too shes taking college classes! Shes hoping to get into Brown shes one of my role models. This year my goal is to ignore all the disattractions and ace all the high school placement tests and finals then deal with my so called "friends " that i havent seen one of them all summer cause i dont think shell talk to me but ill deal with that soon enough.

So now please forgive me if I don't make it around to post as often as i want to!!

now I don't know why i love this one so much but i do!!
I just love converse and its just cute!!!Well now since I'm reading them im obsessed I love going on youtube and looking at all the vids!! and interviews!
All i have to say is ah-dor-ah-bulB, B, B, I just love your quote!! nedd I say more?!

I've been following this quote a lot lately sad enough.
Well hope you liked the pictures!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Okay today i want to make a pledge. The inspiration came to me when my sister's laptop got a virus and so she couldnt use her computer. She was like in a depression. So thats where the idea of at least a half hour but please try an hour (when your sleeping doesnt count)of no electronics. that means no texting!!  over an exception of an ebook cause thats reading.

I ____name_____ pledge to try to not use electronics for at least a half an hour a day while awake.
In persuasion to enjoy the books,arts,and sports!

The list starts below


(copy and paste to your blog or comment below to sign your name)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hello everyone now i am truly inspired. After spending most of the day with my mom around town, I came back here to google. and asked around on lisi's blog (thanks soo much Hannah!!) and i figured out to post pictures so now im soo excited!!
 Okay soo here are some of my favorite pictures soo far..
Now isn't that adorable it reminds me of like a disney movie or like a trip to disney commercial
i think i would call that "dreaming"

Aww.. I've always wanted a tree house lke that but that one is practically a house wow!!
 construction these days. haha

that quote is soo true and honest
Soo how's everyone's summer going? I could tell you that my summer is fantastic and i've been hanging out with friends..... but i'd be lying

Okay forget completely that last sentence I want to keep positive!!

Any ideas?

Monday, July 12, 2010


Okay before you read this post and see how bad it is I would like to warn you and say im sorry but i have to tell someone.

Okay I'm sad because I have no friends. Well i do but most of them are biotches. because i have 2 best friends and one of my friends takes the other camping for eight days. and then she comes back and i offer them to go out and do something this week and the say maybe (he usually says sure or okay yay or something like that so i knew something was up)but then the next day she posts as her status "oh today so and so hung out at so and so's house and then tomorrow going to the mall with so and so then the movies with so and so and sleepover
none of which the so and so are me or my sister and the other soand sos who arent my two best friends are people they usually complain about

So will you be my friend?

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Complete set of the seven books of the "H...Image via Wikipedia
Well i just started the Harry Potter series it is A-mazing was totally worth reading. 
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Also was Lauren Conrad's L.A Candy  I can't wait to read the next book.

So is the Private series by Kate Brian its full of suspense and tons of drama.

Soo what are you reading?

Hi Again

Friday, July 9, 2010

First Post!!

Well this is my first post ever on my first blog ever soo the first thing i would like to do is pause to take in this moment.[pause] Okay second is I would like to say hi to everyone I might know some from lisi's blog Well thats all I want to say for now. I'll be posting again soon after I get everything else set up.

Have A Great Day

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