Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Homework in the Summer?? And.. Pics!!

My school assigns homeworkin the summer so we don't forget. I get it and all but i have at least a 60 page math book, 3 books with book reports I love those but i have required soo some of the books arent that great, and then we have spanish 3 passages and questions all in Spanish! Urg!! And of course I can't focus cause I really want to finish the Harry Potter series!!!
Well other news is that my cousin might come up  from Florida I'm so excited shes 16 and loves to read too shes taking college classes! Shes hoping to get into Brown shes one of my role models. This year my goal is to ignore all the disattractions and ace all the high school placement tests and finals then deal with my so called "friends " that i havent seen one of them all summer cause i dont think shell talk to me but ill deal with that soon enough.

So now please forgive me if I don't make it around to post as often as i want to!!

now I don't know why i love this one so much but i do!!
I just love converse and its just cute!!!Well now since I'm reading them im obsessed I love going on youtube and looking at all the vids!! and interviews!
All i have to say is ah-dor-ah-bulB, B, B, I just love your quote!! nedd I say more?!

I've been following this quote a lot lately sad enough.
Well hope you liked the pictures!!


  1. Heyy I am currently reading Prisoner of Azkaban as well! :)
    WOW I have never heard of a school that has done that! Where do you live?
    Yeah, I'll be a freshman and I really want to focus on my grades this year. (I always do, I'm a straight-A student.) But this past year I was kind of lazy, but still pulled off A's. (I don't know how.)
    And yeah I have been just obsessed w/ HP now! I'm following awesome HP tumblrs and I've found some awesome pics from them!


  2. I loved all of those pictures, weird enough, I have most of them! Teehee =) Gosh you DO have to finish Harry Potter, it's such an amazing series! =) Lots of endless love <3

  3. luv'd the pictures :) gorgeous!
    too bad about the homework :( and good luck with your friend :(
    but on the plus side, it's exciting that you're cousin's visiting! :) she sounds awesome.
    as for the harry potter series, i tried to read those once, but then I just gave up and watched the movies.
    i should really try reading them again; they sound good :D

    Thnx for the comment on my blog! :D
    Yeah I might post the story me & my friend are working on, but the thing is we just write chapters randomly without following the order. like we'll write one in the beginning, a few in the middle-ish, and maybe an ending one too.. but maybe once we piece it all together we'll post it xP lol
    and yes, i did have a good breakfast :P i had peanut buttered toast.
    Lots of love,

  4. I can't believe you have homework over the summer.
    I'm in love with the Harry Potter series! Keep reading, keep reading!

    I like your blog, hence I shall follow you.


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