Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I apologize

I'm sorry for the rant. Oh and here's the answer anyway I am going to my aunts. 

but heres a stor my friend wrote for the same project i had to do. She did hers: your object can talk. Let it.
She is an amazing writer, shes just so creative.

Did you know that your regular kitchen spatula may not be what it seems? Well, I found out in the strangest way. The object I received was a spatula, and it told me that its name was Sam, and many other things about his short, sad life as a spatula. For instance, his mother was Sally the Spoon, his father Fred the Fork, and his sister was Lilly the Ladle. In the kitchen section in Stop & Shop, Sam the Spatula and his family of utensils all lived happily together, when one day, Sam was taken form his family and brought to a new one by Mrs. Blounts. Sam complained about how having a life like his is extremely difficult at times. He is never, ever properly cleaned. People just whip Sam around for no reason what so ever, usually after he had just helped them mix something together! Rudely, Sam is thrown into the dishwasher, where he is practically drowned by the water! Eventually, Sam was used so much, that Mrs. Blounts abandoned him and left him in the cold, dark drawer, while a new spatula, “Steve The Spatula” took his place. So now you know, a spatula may not have a voice, but you never know, it might have feelings, too!


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  1. poor sam :( I hope he and Steve become friends lol
    Great story!!!
    --- Jen


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