Friday, September 17, 2010

I know this is long due.

 First i would like to start off by saying sorry. But i think I've realized my days of posting. I think it would be Fridays and if i can and I will try to post on Saturday and Sundays and sometimes during the week;Mon.,Tues.,Wed.,Thurs. (like if I have something I really need to tell ya.)

ALso I would like to tell you about my week:
Monday: Hmm.. from what i can recall was an okay.
Tuesday: Gym another interesting day we had an obstacle course like there was 23 of us so 2 teams 11 and 12 so one person played two people. Okay so each person had a number I was 8 and then someone on the other team had the same number as me. So of course for a practice round she picks number 8 and i found out that Abby was the other 8.
Okay there was three parts to this one game.
a. mini hockey- a rolled up piece of paper for the stick and a little ping pong bsll as the puck(i was kinda good at this.
b. mini soccer-you kicked a golf ball(soo hard i lost:( because its really easy to trip on ) and tried to get a goal.
c. mini football-at this she called two numbers and there was 6 like circles so the lower number went on one side and threw it to the other number and when you finished you dropped the nerf football into the bucket and sat down quickly as you can.
 so i was called on again for practice with #3 which was G(:[ lets say not the best person to get we lost)but then when everyone figured out how to play it was intense and then i played again now with number 10 (which was L a.k.a. my ex.kinda crush) but i won that game:)
Wed.nothing memorable
Thurs. My aunt and uncle came over like they do every week
Friday:OKay in the beginning then came lunch and then L form ^ patted me on the pack and said like Hi shannon how are you(like really who says that and a pat on the back its a little suspicious def. if you knew him) So i said to my friends is there something on my back and then this girl kinda my friend or kinda forced to because she hangs out in the same circle said calm down jesus christ and im like okay i wasnt talking to you anyway and then went ahead and told L what I said but i didnt really care also in art i gues i took A's seat from^ so se passed in a huff and glared at me all day same as the other girl.
But on amore happy note we had english and it was about Narrativeparagraphs so she put a bunch of items on a desk and told us to memorize them &wehad a min.nden we got to pick an item off the desk i got little
 cute wrench.And we had to describe it and then got another one and had to do other things about it like magical powers i had a highligter for that one haha. But my favorite one was when we had to say how said item saved somebody's life. I had a nail file for that one so I said that someone had a errible hang nail and it was hurting her so badly it was effecting her mental health. So then the nail filer saved her life. Now wasnt that cute?

Thank you for all your suggestions of books I am definitely gunna check them out. I think i got all Sarah Dessen books that I havent already read out all the library also I'm reading the Vampire Diaries(yess i am a twilight fan and love Harry Potter too).]
but sadly I have to go cause I have to sell raffle tickets at Bingo. Thats what pays for New York in the end(our school trip) and the cruise boat in Boston and everything.(we arent going anywhere just having the expperience.)

Okay well bye for now



  1. that stinks about that girl at lunch on Friday. Some people are just plain rude!!!
    Your school trips sound so awesome!!! I love NYC!!!!
    Have fun at the Lisi Harrison book signing!!! I wish I could go so so so so so so so badly, but I'm busy that day :(
    -- -Jen

  2. sounds like you had a good week :D btw- thanks for your comments on my blog!

  3. I'm happy guys don't try to put things on my back any more...I don't think...they better not...

  4. I love, love, LOVE Sarah Dessen! She is one of my favorite authors! If you get a chance, read her book Someone Like You. It's my favorite book ever, and actually my blog is named after it :)


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