Monday, October 25, 2010

Jenny's Back! But Mason's gone.

Any of you watch Gossip Girl or The Vampire Diaries? *raising hand* I do!
Well if you watched last weeks episode of Vampire Diaries you would of known that Mason got killed(i was soo happy :] ). And if you watched the preview for Gossip Girl you would of known that Jenny Humphrey is back!! Yayy!! I just love her she is my favorite. She is rebellious, and independant, but so freakin' dramatic too.

Taylor Momsen 4Taylor Momsen a.k.a. Jenny Humphrey
 And only for t.v. shows and books i love drama!! But not in life. So what do you think if you watch those shows?? What shows do you watch i would always love some more!

Unfortunately though I had a bad day. First in Science I got a C+ and I nver get a C definitely in Science. So my average dropped from a 96 to a 89. sad sad sad.
Then we got some more grades back.

In vocabulary I did horribly!! I got a D [In Vocabulary you're saying to yourself right now] and i thought that was impossible since I usally get a B+ or a form of an A, I guess not. Then even to make my self feel worse about myself, In math I get a 60% get this because i forgot a whole entire page so thats automatically 10 wrong, then i get the usual -1 for one page. But of course my luck i forgot to put the page numbers too so thats -5.
I was almost in tears. You know that feeling when your face goes into a frown and you can feel the tears coming,. Well thats how i felt.Thank God that it was time for lunch.

So that was my bad day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
And that you had a better day than yours truly.


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  1. I so know how you feel, sister lol. I just got a crappy grade back too, which probably brought my quater grade from an A to a B. Fooey.
    My best friend Marg sounds exactly like you!!! She has a blog now its I sound like an advertisement now but her blog is really good!!

  2. Jen-Ill totally check it out thanks for the suggestion!


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