Thursday, March 10, 2011


Do you want to know the real truth of why I've been absent AWOL for the past 3 months?
Well the answer is I'm a mess disaster. I've been hurt too many times. Whether its grades or f**king fake friends or family that just say the wrong things at the worst time. Or is it the things they do? I thought I had a freedom to say what I think. Well I guess not cause it doesn't matter. Or i dont know.
I'm sorry I can't believe I'm posting this I just really have to get this out. I felt so bad at a point where I just really wanted to die, I didn't want to deal with it anymore. But then I think logically and say its going to get better.
It it has but then it comes back again. And I just wonder when it will be gone for good.

FYI: I am going to come back to blogging but I'll probably get a new what to start completely fresh.



  1. I so know how you feel!!! I feel like I'm always messing stuff up when I'm just trying to be myself!!! Oh well, I guess that's just a part of growing up. You just have to ride it like a wave. Or as Charlie Sheen would say, "It's been a wave of media and I'm riding it on a mercury surf board," which doesn't make any sense, but Charlie Sheen never makes sense.

  2. I'm sorry life has been cruddy Shannon. I hope everything gets better and I'm always here to listen and help if you need it.

    Love, Arianna

  3. I'm so sorry that life had been difficult. Hold on tight, darling, and don't forget that life IS worth living.


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