Tuesday, October 11, 2011

That One Thing

Don't you just hate it when that one thing you were looking forward to is cancelled. That one thing that you were excited for. That one thing that would get you through this week and the week after that. That one thing that relieves all the stress because your so anxious.That one thing that can make you smile.Well, that has been taken from me. That one thing. Mind you, its small and I should be thankful for everything else. But I was really excited for it. And now I can't go because its cancelled at least for me. Nobody really ended up wanting to go so its off. So now I have to find a new thing to look forward to this weekend and get me through this week and through homecoming next week. Update: I still don't have a dress, but apparently a lot of people don't. So maybe something might go my was and I'll be able to borrow a beautiful and flattering dress from a friend. I'll have hope. Hope is what gets me through.

Have hope.


  1. Maybe something lovely will approach you this weekend, to makeup for cancelling the thing you were looking forward to<3

  2. I hope you can find a dress soon. I know how you feel about that one important thing being cancelled. It is the worst feeling ever, feels like it has ruined your whole week or even month sometimes.


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