Monday, April 11, 2011

I am 13 going on 14

It was my birthday yesterday; I turned 14. My friend came over the night before for my birthday. We went out for breakfast in the morning(I had delicious chocolate chip waffles) and then my sisters and I went to our school play with my friends. We went and saw the Sound of Music (hence the title) and it was hilarious! Missed lines, screechy high notes, everything! All my friends were there, C,L,J,K,L,L!  Then we went out for dinner with my sister's friend.

So it was a very successful day! And I'm really excited because my class and I are going to New York in the end of May! I'm psyched!

I hope you guys are as happy as I am or want to be.



  1. happy birthday! i have to say being 13 and 14 was one of the best years for me personally; 15, ehh, not so much. and now i'm going on 16, which is CRAZY! seems like i was just 13 years old yesterday...

  2. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY LOVE!!!! I'm glad it was special and New York sounds so much fun!! Jealous, right here!!

    LLAP Love


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