Sunday, December 5, 2010

I finished

Well I finally finished.
I took awhile.[yawn]
And I am officially done with one application.

That leaves two or three left to do. Oh joy.


Well on Friday my sister got braces. haha So this means I have been chewing gum since then and she cant have any of it. Okay that was mean. But she cant, right?
Then I had to go to bingo with my other sister Michaela and let me tell you she loves old people and she was not bored! I was shocked. I mean how can you sell raffle tickets for an 8th grade trip, your not even going on for two hours straight.[ she goes to a different school]
Then I went to a b-ball game.My friend Emily and of course her and her friends like a bunch of boys in my class. Tehe only word/thought I could say/think is ew! I'm sorry but I've known then since kindergarten. Enough Said.
 On Saturday
I didnt do much of anything. I just put up the tree.
And read.

I wrote my paragraph thing for applications. One word: Stressful.
Then cheerleading practice: went through dance, went through routine for pep rally tomorrow, and stunted(i got one nice scratch from basing on my arm.)

And tomorrow

Driving a classmate to school. Ugh He's obnoxious.too obnoxious. personally I dont know how his ego is going to fit in my car. haha
Pep rally!
Maybe going to my sisters game and then staying 4 hours or so until cheerleading.



  1. Hey I think we both posted at the exact same time!! After I posted mine it said you posted yours a minute ago!!
    Anyway, congrats on finishing the application!! I know your pain. They're horrible. But I think studying for the entrance exams is worse :(
    Your sister will probably start chewing gum anyway, I still do!!
    I understand how your sister loves old people because I love them too!! I don't know why but I think they're so adorable!!
    haha that's so funny about your classmate's ego!! I hope the ride goes ok!!

  2. I agree with Jen I think old people are just so cute in the little kid sense. Whoa I didn't know you drove! Cool! How old are you, if you don't mind my asking :p. Good luck on your applications! hope you make it! OH and thanks for your suggestions!! They helped@!

  3. sorry about the applications! stuff like that's always a drag :( but im sure youll do great!
    ~Brookie <33333

  4. I love your blog!!! So much it's awesome!!! Where did you get those cool pictures on your sidebar? Please follow my blog -- thank u!!
    Love Bella


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