Friday, December 17, 2010

Sick :(

Oh yes you guessed correctly I am sick. I have been since yesterday.
Here are my symptoms:

  1. runny nose-resulting in Rudy's nose
  2. sore throat- resulting in cant talk well
  3. irritated eyes- resulting in that my eyes look weird
  4. headache- resulting in well a headache
  5. dizziness- resulting in falling and spinning at any giver moment
Well maybe those 'resulting in' things are a little exaggerated, but they are kinda truthful.
And I stayed hope yesterday since I was sick but the doctor wasn't in, so I couldn't see him.(Yes I have a male doctor, weird?, much.) But today I woke up got ready and was all ready. But then my mom checked my throat and she wouldn't let me go to school. So I'm going to the doctors.

But at least I am getting arm workouts from throwing my tissues into the trash,haha.

Also, I have an eye doctors appointment today since my mom thinks my dad,sister, Michaela, and I cant see. My mom,brother, Tyler, and other sister, Courtney has glasses. I think they're just jealous.

On the up side. My aunt, uncle, annd cousin fly in today!! I cant wait! I'm hopefully picking them up.

Well thats all for now,

Here are some pictures to suffice for your day.
white pixies
Emma Watson, my icon.

VPS vogue blog
Leighton Meester, shes not my icon I just love her.

The Sadness Will Never End

folding paper figuress Tumblr

Foto dari Vanthera Van Java


  1. Ugh, I hate being sick! Especially the part about getting dizzy..I hope you feel better soon!
    I'm spending this weekend w/ my awesome cousins at a hotel. :)
    Awesome pics-I love Emma. ♥


  2. Haha that is so funny about your family almost all having glasses!! I know I would be jealous if my brother didn't have them and I did!!!
    Feel better!!! At least you're getting an arm workout lol :D

  3. Aww that sucks! i was sick myself but now I'm better. Get well soon! :)
    Love those pics!
    And I have a male doc as well... :(

  4. I hope you feel better. I loved how you thought of the positive side of being sick and saying how you are getting arm exercise by throwing your tissues in the trash! Emma Watson is also my icon. I love the pictures! Great post!

  5. Awwwww... poor Shannon:( I hate being sick! You'll get better soon, it will be santas early christmas pressy 4 u:) LOVE EMMA WATSON!

  6. hope you feel better soon. i love hp & gossip girl! :) xx


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