Friday, November 12, 2010

High School Placement Test

For my school you have to take a test to get into high school. And the test is  tomorrow so please do me a huge favor and wish me some luck because then I'll me eternally happy :)

Okay this is a little bit about the test:
  • its 3 hours and starts at 8:15 AM
  • no calculators allowed
  • no drinks are snacks are allowed
  • the only break i know I have is a little 5 min. one hopefully we'll have more than 1
This is some other things I've heard about the test/worried about:
  • Am I gunna know anybody sitting near me? I hope so
  • Is my butt gunna go numb in the middle of the test (c'mon have you ever sat in seat for 3 hrs doing a test, like seriously) I hope not
  • I've heard that if you stand up you might get in trouble because they think you are cheating.
  • Am i gunna go into a coughing fit since I have been sick lately? I hope not.
  • And of course am i gunna do well? I sure hope so.?
Well thats about it.
I have to go to sleep early so I'll be awake tomorrow. And i have to eat a good breakfast.

I'll probably pot more this weekend.
I apologize for this boring post.


  1. Good luck!!! Don't worry about anything besides doing your best on it!

    Have a good weekend. :)


  2. Good luck Shannon! That sounds brutal. Make's me grateful I didn't have a test to take to get into HS. It'll be worth it once you pass.


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