Friday, November 19, 2010

Now his eyes

Blue Eyes
His eyes are icy blue.
Are so soft and understanding.
You can just be so relaxed in them.
They instantly make a smile appear to your face.

He is so sweet.
He's kind and smart.
Of course he can be a little cocky.
But boys are boys.

Aww him.God I wish I could decide.

Sorry for the really boring blog posts. Hopefully I can jazz them up. Any suggestions?



  1. Wow, this post was beautiful! ♥ I adore blue eyes on boys! Heheh! xx

  2. I enjoyed that! Very romantic. And I didn't think this was very boring, but you can always write about your day, problems, or even write your stories on here.

  3. Eye's are endless, and they make it harder to decide. They tell you different stories every time. Maybe that's why we love them so much.
    It'll get easier.
    And don't worry, your posts aren't boring. :)

  4. No these posts are NOT boring!!! I absolutly loved this!!
    I love blue eyes on boys too!!

  5. Love it! And your posts are awesome. Just keep doing what your doing:) sorry I haven't commented in awhile... I promise I'll get better!

  6. Jen+Meleonie-I know right! They are like literally shining on him though! Aw gorgeous! =-]
    Melanie-Yess they are I completely agree
    Everyone- thank you so much for saying that my blog isnt boring because that lifted me upp right off my feet1 Thanks so much!
    But of course my blog will never compare to yours! Each of you has an Awesome Blog!!


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