Saturday, November 13, 2010


Yayy! It's over! And let me tell you it was so much easier than the practice tests. And my most of my best friends were with me I knew 6 people who were taking the test with me. NAd it was easy and we were allowed to eat hard candy(like Jolly ranchers[right now i cant even look at another one haha])

Thank yiou for all those wishes I really think they helped!

It is my childhood.


  1. I'm glad you it turned out well for you! :)

  2. Phew! I'm glad it went well for you! <3 :} My brother had to do his a few weeks ago :P OH, and that deer photo is the cutest thing everrr.

  3. Congrats! See, it's always easier after it's done.

  4. Hey I just took a high school placement test too!! They sure do stink!! :( congrats on finishing it!! I bet you did great!!
    Can't wait for the seventh movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yes! See, don't always get so worried! I hope you done well! :)
    LOVEEE the last pic! ♥
    Have a good week.


  6. I knew you could do it!!! YAY I'm so happy for you(:


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