Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just another day.

Hey everyone!

Today was pretty boring: Went to church, sold wreaths with boys from my class(one of them I've always kind of liked, and he hasnt destroyed that yet!) and froze my butt off, watched new moon, went to cheerleading practice. And thats pretty much it. Boring, huh?

Okay the dentist story:

Okay so on Wednesday my sister and I went to the dentist to get sealants(sp?) and usuall we go in and out. But of course this time they were a good half an hour late and the actual dentist wasnt even there! So my mom was a bit irritated. So then my sister goes in. Then I go in. So theyre rushing and killing my teeth. They have this huge crank in my mouth so my mouth would stay open. the dentist is like okay rest yourmouth on this pillow thing.(I'm thinking "What pillow?") Then after its done my mouth is killing I can barely open my jaw. And the sealant or mmy tooth is scratching my tongue repeatively. So basicly I can barely open my mouth and talk cause there is a something wrong.

So my mom takes me to the dentist. So the dentist is young and kinda hot but he's one ogf those guys who knows hes young and hot and so hes so obnoxious and hes a jerk when we get there. So the first thing he says is "Well I see that she was here for a loose baby tooth."[in a very like i dont know a jerky tone?](it was the first thing he said we havent even said anything! and it was way more than that anyway!) Then he goes on to say that there is nothing there and there is no way that something could be sharp or whatever. (So hes not even trying and hes trying to get me to leave.) And hes saying a bunch of other rude things to my mom about that theres nothing wrong and nothing to bo about it. So then he takes one of his tools and rounds my tooth.[and not that i know these things but are you supposd to do that] And then he says a bunch of other stuff. He was so rude though, my mom thought i was going to cry. And let me tell you I am not going to that dentist anymore.

So on the lighter side. This week is Spirit Day!!
Tomorrow is Inside Out Day. Personally I am kind of weary on this one. And since its a catholic school they are not going to let anyone wear their bra and unies on the outside of their shirts or pants. (not that i would)
So I think I'm juust going to wear a shirt inside out. And if I wear a sweater I might put that inside out.

But then on Tuesday is Crazy Sock Day
I'm excited about his, we still have to wear our uniforms though:( I'm wearing X-Mas knee highs!!

Well if you have any ideas about the inside out day please comment in the next 2 hours or so.


Also can you please pray for my great uncle Paul. He has been in the hospital almost 3 times in the last week. And he actually did die but they brought him back. Please pray though. He is the funniest guy you would ever know[actually my aunt says thats how me an him are alike,(i guess I'm funny haha)]. He's quiet, strong, and one of those people who always needs something to do. He would probably break something to be able to fixit. He and my aunt comes over every single Thursday. They donate all their free time by watching other peoples kids. My family wouldn't be sane without him.And I dont know how my aunt would survive without him.


  1. We had inside out day. everyone wore theirr shirts and sweatshirts inside out. Not to mention socks were turned inside out. Probably doesn't help much. Sorry. Oh, and I'll pray for your uncle if you pray for my grandma.

    Love you!!

  2. Aria-actually that did help cause now i know i wont look like a idiot today at school. And of course i'll pray for your grandpa.


  3. Wow, you'll have a busy week! It's always fun to see what people are wearing. That dentist is SO annoying! Wow! The nerve!


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