Friday, November 26, 2010

This post is inspired by Erimentha.

I would like to say many thing to many people. And since a picture is worth a thousand words...

To my siblings:
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To my ex-best friends:
game time.

To myself:
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game time.

World to Luisana♥
To him:
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 To the world:
When All Thats Left Is You.

She flies with her own wings

No fim é sempre magia
Didnt we say this last post?!(Only if the eyes were blue)
And to the dentist(a.k.a. the rudest person i've ever met.)

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To God:

About a dream


P.S. I will explain the dentist sory next ppost if you want to hear it.

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  1. Aww this post was so sweet! The pictures worked of everything. By all means, share your dentist story. Your not alone. I hate my dentist. She has 3 inch nails that she digs into my tongue...ick.
    Nice post!

  2. I loved this post!! But are you okay, I get the feeling that not everything is peachy on your end of the intertubes. But other than that this was a fun and fah-ab-buh-lous post. Heart you!!
    LLAP Aria.

  3. Love the dentist one!! Love this whole post!! I wish I could talk to my ex-best friend too :(

  4. Aria-First of all I love your name. And actually I dont know if I'm okay. I'm hanging i there. I just don't know. Now its just better talking to adults rather than my ex-best friends. Or I feel like the week would never end. I used to love school.Now I just wish it will end.I just close myself in my room. I feel like its only me and my computer(you guys), or my books. I completely agree that family is always there with you in the end. Cause they are. And my only friend is one that I've known forever. But unfortunatel shes a grade below and o shes busy with her friends. So I'm just confused and cant wait to end eighth grade.

    So yeah.

    But Yes this was probably one of my favorite posts and I'll definitely do it again.

    Jen- yes i know I am going to have to tell you the story that goes along with the story. And thank you.

    Melanie- you are so sweet. And your dentist sounds gross. no offense. :D

    Thank you you guys are the sweetest people i know and I am so happy you followed me and I started this blog. That is one of the things I DO NOT REGRET!!


  5. WOW that was long. It was even almost post worthy. hehe

  6. I love all those pictures! Are you a photographer yourself? All those pictures put a smile to my face.


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